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The Perks of Being A Wallflower Movie Review!!!

Once I heard that The Perks of Being A Wallflower, one of my favorite books of all time, was being made into a movie, I knew that I had to see it!  The fact that it starred Emma Watson as Sam made me even more excited since I loved her as Hermione!  It has a limited release for now and will only be playing in a few select cities.  Nearest location was a few hours away.  My mom thought I was crazy when I told her I travelling to NYC just to see a movie.  Was the trip worth it?  ABSOLUTELY.  

Sunshine Cinema in NYC was where I saw Perks :)

I'm not just saying that because I love the book.  I feel like many movies are praised (HP cough cough) just because the books which they are based off of are so beloved.  Not in this case.  The movie stood on it's own.  

The acting was superb!  Logan Lerman was the perfect Charlie: awkward, intellectual, yet also realistic as a hormonal teenage boy.  He plays Charlie's mental breakdown parts perfectly, with so much maturity and feeling that it invoked more emotion from me than the book did (I know, blasphemous!).  More than half of the laughs were for Ezra Miller as Patrick alone.  He was hilarious, fabulous and tragic at the same time.  I loved Patrick more in the movie than I did in the book.   

I was a little disappointed with Sam.  I don't think it was Emma Watson's fault (her acting was also great) but I think the writing for Sam's character could have been better.  While Sam was my favorite character in the book, I couldn't relate to her as much in the movie.  

POBAW (the movie) was meant to appeal to the young and artsy, hipster-type crowd (by showing limited release in small indie cinemas before wide release) so "good" music was a large part of the storyline.  People's tastes in music are frequently discussed and name-dropping occurs (The Smiths, Billie Holliday, etc).  I was afraid that POBAW would become some sort of music snob-fest but thankfully that didn't happen.  I loved all the music in the movie though; it was so perfect since the author himself picked it out!   

Some of the more graphic/sexual content was taken out so the movie was just slightly more toned down than the book (only slightly).  Everything else was pretty much true to the book.  Another thing I noticed was that a scene in the trailer (the hilarious part when Patrick says "Be aggressive, passive aggressive!") was not in the movie.  I was a little disappointed in that but it didn't really affect my opinion of the movie that much.  

I'm trying to find other flaws because this is supposed to be an informative review but I really can't think of any.  I probably didn't notice them because of all the amazingness throughout.  I can't describe the love I feel for this movie.  It made me laugh so hard.  It also brought tears to my eyes at times.  It made me think WTF (Rocky Horror Show does that to you) and made me swoon at the same time.  At the end of the movie, everyone was applauding.  I and a few other people gave it a standing ovation.  It was truly a beautiful movie, making you feel all the right emotions.  No, like seriously, please see this movie.  It is completely absolutely worth it!

Info for theater times at Sunshine Cinema:

Info for select theater locations starting from dates:  

The movie comes out everyone on October 5th if you can't make it to any of the locations :)

The movie is rated PG-13 for drug/alcohol use, sexual content, thematic material (all involving teens)

Random phone camera pics :)

I nearly died of happiness when I saw this <3

Best cinema ever!  The staff is so nice, the food was so good (European chocolate and Pocky!!!) and all the movies they were showing were so artsy looking.  

I did 8:00 PM since I missed the 7 one (went on the wrong subway LOL)

Took a million pictures of myself next to this

Giant poster which my friends and I were obsessing over


  1. I'm glad the movie lived up to the book, and was equally great! Great review and I can't wait to see this movie :D

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  4. This is a really fun blog post!! I love the pictures.... way cute. I need to see this movie like NOW!

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