Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tattly Mini Review + My FIRST subscription delivery

"Who says forever is better?"

Eight tattoos and canvas bag :)

Tattly is a company that makes designer temporary tattoos.  You know, like the ones you used to get in party goody bags or win at the arcade except BETTER.  These tattoos are designed by professional designers and illustrators and last 3-5 days.  And at $5 for one set of two tattoos, these are certainly affordable ways to change up your look.  

When I found out about this, I was hooked.  All the designs looked so cute and artsy and I wanted every one of them!  The first tattoo I purchased was this adorable boombox one (  These are just as easy to apply as normal temporary tattoos.  They are so so so cute on!  I got many compliments on how unique and cute the tattoo looked.  Some people (ahem, Mom) almost screamed thinking it was real.  This one lasted 3 days on my upper arm, with only minor signs of wear (with the thinner lines like the boombox antenna lasting only one day).  I took it off after that because I had a work function anyway.  It was hard for me to remove because I tried rubbing it off with water.  It probably would have been easier if I followed the actual instructions on the website which involves peeling it off.  Since each tattoo comes in pairs, I still have another Boombox tattoo that I am waiting to use.  

Then, I saw that they had a subscription service for $60. 8 tattoos every month for six months plus 8 upfront. That makes a total of 56 tattoos. You also get a cute canvas bag to store your tattoos in. What a steal!

Unfortunately, they do not offer the subscription service anymore but they still have gift boxes and sets you can purchase, in addition to the individual tattoos. Check out their website at

Anyhoo, these were the contents of my first delivery.

My favorite tattoos are the "Late Watch", DANCE, pink elephant and popsicles :)

The print on the bag can also be bought as a tattoo, so cute!

0 of 6 deliveries, 6 more to go!

Overall,  these cute and creative tattoos are so perfect for summer, for a pop of art while showing some skin!  The designs combine style and uniqueness.  I can't wait for my next delivery.  I'll keep posting pictures as I get them.



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    OMG those tattoos are awesome!! I so want me some! I love temporary tattooes and wear them all summer long :) SO checking out the site right now!!

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